Secure data store, share collaborate to meet the GDPR

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Cork based Rinocloud Ltd, a specialist data management software developer, has created, a packaged solution for the secure storing and sharing of all sorts of data, that meets the GDPR standards for privacy and security.

“ a product that’s easy to use and install but with the deep security, storage and sharing functionality that you would expect of enterprise class software that’s now needed in the post GDPR world. It’s helping make my business more efficient and with my own private Rinodrive I am showing my customers and regulators that we are serious about data security and privacy”

Secure share

It allows secure sharing of documents and files – no more unsecure email attachments.

Access and control

It allows you to decide who sees what and control access rights to files.

Sensitive data

You can secure data on laptops that are stolen, lost or when staff leave.

Retention controls

It allows you to ‘tag’ data/files/documents for deletion over timescales dictated by you to meet business and regulatory requirements.

Handles all file formats

All data formats handled – pdfs, word, video, pictures – and with its AI based search will index and allow instant search that learns from your queries.

Video, chat securely

Video conferencing, chat, word processing, spreadsheet processing as standard to create a secure workplace for your staff.


All data files and folders are secured with the highest levels of encryption, user authenticatication, ransomware and malware protection.

Stored in Ireland

All data is stored on the latest Amazon servers in Dublin harnessing the computing power og this world class technology infrastructure for you.

Private cloud

The solution is available as a private single tenanted cloud server branded in your company’s name for added security and brand enhancement.

30% OFF – use this code “brokers101” – View our plans here.