Rinodrive is designed to solve the challenging needs of organisations large and small, across many industries.

Financial Services

Rinodrive empowers financial service organisations to: Secure sensitive financial and personal information to meet regulatory requirements. Improve users’ productivity and workflows through centralised file access. Enable faster, secure collaboration and file sharing.

Scientific Research

Rinodrive drives deeper discovery. Seamlessly and securely take data from any lab source, in any format, and enrich it with software and machine learning solutions that result in better data access, better decisions, and more results.


Traditional methods of sharing files over email, FTP, VPN and even text all have serious security flaws, and run the risk of violating compliance and regulations. Rinodrive offers healthcare professionals a safe way to share specific folders and files of any size.

Research, Development and Engineering

Distributed teams require seamless ways to access, share, and collaborate on content from different sources and in many formats – from specs to detailed drawings. With file sync and collaboration tools, Rinodrive provides a platform to coordinate dispersed and disparate teams.

Charities, Sporting Bodies and Not for Profits

Measures once taken for granted among organisations such as storing emails, mailing lists and phone numbers to send out emails and texts now have to be looked at in a fundamentally different way to meet GDPR regulations. Rinodrive provides a secure.