Data Infrastructure as a Service

Our flexible approach provides scalable deployment options.

Our Solutions

  1. Organisation-Wide Solution

    Dedicated instances for teams, departments or enterprise-wide.

  2. Advanced Security

    Verified enterprise class security and encryption, combined assurance layers, and military grade security features.

  3. Data and User Control

    Customer decides where data is located and who accesses it while empowering admin, IT and compliance functions.

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Advanced Security

Comply with stringent enterprise security policies to keep data safe.

Two Factor Authentication

Enabling any TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password algorithm) compatible app such as Google Authenticator allows an extra layer of security for the user.

Cyber Identity Management

Folder level encryption and private and public key protocols allow military grade sharing of data within secure networks.

Advanced Ransomware Protection

Ransomware protection detects common file names used by ransomware and responds by blocking further uploads and warning the user and administrator so action can be taken.

Compliance and Audit Trail

Extensive monitoring and compliance capabilities.

Stay in Control

Data locality, retention and access can be controlled and logged for audit. An activity stream is also available for all projects that can be viewed by administrators.

Granular Administration

Streamline operations and heighten governance responsibilities by giving each part of the organisation control over their usage of the platform.

Organisation by Group

Segmenting into groups allows each unit, department or region manage their own usage under a single private account.

Compliance Requirements

Triggers like physical location, user group, file properties and request type enables administrators to specifically deny access to, convert, delete or retain data following compliance or legal requirements.

Summary Features

Strength in depth and intuitive.

Massive Scalability

Adapt and grow without needing to constantly reinvest in software and infrastructure.

Flexible Deployment

Manage data in a secure environment where you choose the location of data to be stored.

Regulatory Requirement

Ensures a future proofed framework for data compliance and governance.

Data Workflow

Automate workflows to reduce manual processes for better work practices/governance.

Machine Learning

Built to take advantage of AI developments and harness as appropriate for your data needs.

Secure Share

Facilities to securely share data and content eliminating need for unsecure attachments.

Time Stamping

Auto data versioning across users and devices give full verifiable real-time activity streams.

Rich Metadata

Intelligent search allows data to be cataloged allowing correlations between content.

Data Ownership

Data ownership that is inviolate and storage that is only accessible by data owner.

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