How many businesses can efficiently handle a request from consumers where they have to show the data that’s held about them, where it’s held, who stored it, who looked at it, who changed it, if it was shared – when, by whom, with whom? EU citizens are being given world leading digital rights from May 2018 that will have profound implications for businesses in Ireland AND the UK. Is your business ready for GDPR?

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Consent must be proven

Under the GDPR directive, consumers have to consent to the use of their data. They can withdraw that consent or request to see the data that companies have on them.
Under the GDPR directive, consumers have to consent to the use of their data. Click To Tweet
Tip: do an audit of everywhere that customers and/or prospects give you their data and add consent options that they have to actively agree to.

Businesses Must Comply

Every business – big and small will have to demonstrate that they have data workflows and controls in place that comply with GDPR.

Non compliance is not an option; breaches are being given three days to be fixed or come with fines of 4% of annual turnover.

Compliance may not be as complex as it first seems. Some changes to data management processes can be speedy and procedural.

Conduct a Gap Analysis

Businesses owners and managers must have put in place processes and activities for the introduction of the GDPR.

Conducting a gap analysis to assess any privacy risks associated with business processes and activities is a good first step. Only from a place of self-awareness can businesses review processes and practices for seeking compliance.
Conducting a gap analysis to assess any privacy risks is a good first step for getting ready for GDPR Click To Tweet
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