Ethical research, test and development of skin and wound care products for cosmetic and pharma sectors

Connecting researchers at the desktop to scientists at the bench-top to product management in the marketplace.
Accelerated route to market; delivered as a service.


The problems we solve:

Faster comprehensive research; cost effective hands on and online monitoring of testing; verifiable; ethical; accelerated route to market.

Virtual lab as a service

Labskin is the world’s first virtual lab as a service dedicated to supporting the ethical development of skincare and wound care products.

End to end solution

It makes physical laboratory facilities, online collaboration & planning tools as well as AI based connection to the world’s State of the Art skin research available as an integrated service to skincare professionals.

Lab grown skin

It automates and cost effectively accelerates the research, test and development of skincare and wound care products and verifies on lab grown human skin without the need for animal testing.


AI that intelligently queries authenticated databases that contain ‘Information of Record’ on skin and the ingredients that go into skin products.


online ordering and setting up of tests for the lab where formulas can be can be verified by AI that is continuously learning State of the Art. The virtual lab also has scientists available to discuss, support, set up the physical tests and fine tune as results as are generated.


With sophisticated AI, raw processing power, collaboration and data management tools as well as integrated access to world class Labskin facilities and experts, provides verifiable research, tests and results in secure and encrypted workflows that accelerates product development and creates an efficient local and virtual working environment between teams – from researchers at the desktop, to scientists at the bench to product management in the markets.

Who we help

Companies large and small across all sectors where data management is important.



Education and Research



Financial Services


Start meeting your data obligations immediately.

Platform Benefits

Dedicated infrastructure for your data.
Data management and governance intrinsic.
Scale up as needed – users, data, storage.
Data stored and backed up in Eu.
World class infrastructure.

Business Benefits

No specialised engineering skills needed.
Opex model means no capital outlays.
Meet Compliance obligations.
Seamless deployment.
Data respected.

Driving Compliance

Create consistent data and content work flows.
Ensure best data management policies.
Protects data and privacy exposure.
Be seen to be taking data privacy seriously.
Future proofing for more data regulation.

Comprehensive management and governance suite

Tools and templates already built, adapt to your needs.

Data About Data

Tag, comment and cataog data and content for intelligent search.

All Departments

Set up team or multiple teams across departments.

Single Version

Sync desktops, teams and departments with same version of content and data.

Activity and Audit Stream

All data and interaction is logged and timestamped.

Secure Share

Share sensitive files without worrying about data breaches.

Document Management

Work on same documents as individuals or teams with full office suite.

One Repository

Manage all data sources and feed into one managed hub.

User privileges

User, folder, file and device set up with security protocols.

Compliance Templates

Build workflow and reporting templates to meet regulatory demands.