In our new data-driven era, every organisation has to be in control of their data and data workflow – from generation and ingestion through the journey to storage and collaboration, and every data process in between. It’s about being able to tell your management and regulator that you have a cohesive data management solution that’s secure and private. And it’s about reassuring yourself that you are doing everything you can to make sure your company extracts as much value as it can from data while at the same time respecting that data, especially if it’s regulated. Do you have command and control over your data?

Control where your data is and how it’s stored, shared and accessed

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The data management questions SMEs need to ask

  • Where do we put data and content generated by the business?
  • How do we get it there?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it backed up?
  • How do we share it?
  • How do we query it?
  • How do we tag it?
  • How do we keep control of its flow throughout the organisation?
  • How do we make sure everything’s being logged and backed up?

You, your team and your data protection officer need to have confidence in your data solution, which should

  • Securely store your data in dedicated server space with encryption
  • Seamlessly integrate with other systems and databases
  • Automatically upload and store data files
  • Sync and backup data securely across multiple devices
  • Perform fast data discovery using intelligent search
  • Securely share folders and data sets with collaborators and other departments
  • Track and log all data activities for reporting

You, your team and your data protection officer need to have confidence in your data solution. Click To Tweet
All data and all interactions with the data should be tracked so that

  • you control the environment where your data is being managed;
  • you own and control the data and;
  • you control who sees it and accesses it.

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Data Content And Formats

Your data management solution should be able to handle data and content from any source and in any format: image files, slides, PDFs, spreadsheets, forms as well as AV content.

Once your files are stored, you should be able to tag them and comment on them, create and manage folders and share those files with colleagues and other departments.

Safe and secure

Data security, data protection, and data privacy need to be intrinsic to the platform and it should have implemented standards and best practices in order to help ensure your data is secure.

With top security and other system controls in place such as admin rights, password protections, encryption etc, it means that your data is ring fenced and access is restricted to the data owner, and other users cannot see the data unless it is shared by the owner.
For GDPR your data needs to be ring fenced and access restricted to the data owner unless shared securely. Click To Tweet
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Rinodrive has been built to meet these requirements. At Rinodrive security and privacy are a highest priority. We understand that the confidentiality of data and protocols are critical. To ensure the highest levels of protection and security against any compromise to your data, we’ve built Rinodrive to the highest security standards. All of your data is stored in highly secure data centres managed by dozens of compliance programs and audit safeguards. Try Rinodrive and discover for yourself that there’s an affordable and easily implemented solution.

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Do you feel that you have control over your data and GDPR? What’s your experience so far? Share your thoughts below.

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