Science and Data Management

Enabling a complex solution with data integrity at its core.

Project Overview

A major science and research company required an extensive upgrade to a legacy data management system. The system had thousands of researchers, grads and post doc users but had been heavily customised and was no longer maintainable or scalable.

Rinodrive was used to deliver a modern, secure data management system together with migrating users and petabytes of data from the old system across to the new solution.

  • We delivered a complete end to end solution on budget and enabled a modern and secure digital workplace for users.
  • We glued together distributed data repositories.
  • We federated legacy and new cloud storage repositories into a single virtual data space that users can smoothly and securely access and use.
  • We provided IT controls and data governance across the customers infrastructure.
  • We eliminated non-compliant and unsecure shadow IT from the environment by regulating 3rd apps in use
  • We replaced expensive and unworkable legacy tools such as FTP servers, unsecured email attachments, unsecure third party storage and fragmented file servers, while working with core systems.
  • We employed a modern and cost effective multi-tier model architecture that separates the web, application and data layers.
  • The solution was deployed as a secure private cloud.

The service architecture was designed and built with the flexibility:

  • To support secure use cases and modern productivity for employees.
  • To enable smooth access and updating of data, without creating data replicas.
  • To control data location and have data privacy constraints.
  • To add additional functionality as modules without need for expensive builds and additional support.