Peer to Peer Engagement Platform

Modernising a financial institutions outward facing digital footprint.

Project Overview

A large financial institution wanted to engage with its staff, customers and distributors on a modern and secure platform.

Rinodrive embarked on an extensive listening exercise with all stakeholders to assess needs. We also evaluated existing systems against the needs of stakeholders.

The legacy systems were proprietary, cumbersome and too expensive to adapt to modern needs and architectures. Instead Rinodrive pitched the customer to go with ultra modern open source architectures.

Over a 10 year partnership Rinodrive has worked with its customer to create:

  • An engagement platform with 25,000 members and 50,000 regular visitors.
  • An ecosystem of interoperating websites, databases, apps that present as one seamless solution.
  • An arsenal of tools, templates, courses and productivity tools for users.
  • A secure safe environment that meets compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • A platform that has been upgraded seamlessly twice per year to keep it at the forefront of technologies.
  • A platform that has maintained a uptime record of 99.9% across an entire decade.

Today the customer has a modern and secure digital platform and information management solution that embraces the best of, most secure and user friendly modern architectures.