Digitisation of Lab Workflow

Project Overview

A science organisation required the digitisation and automation of complex lab workflows. The existing workflow was paper based and involved the manual drafting of lab documentation, specifications and quality control documentation.

Rinodrive was tasked with delivering a modern, automated, digital workflow solution.

  • We delivered a complete end to end workflow solution from the point of a lab test order through to fulfillment and data analysis.
  • We configured web services to receive orders and automatically kick off the lab processes, as well as parallel quality control processes and accompanying documentation.
  • We processed customer orders digitally and generated order documentation and integrated with the companies CRM, lab quality control systems, lab equipment and business processes.
  • We developed custom workflow logic to handle all of the science lab processes.
  • We developed workflow inboxes for team members and notification systems to communication workflow statuses.
  • We developed a documentation generation engine to auto generate documentation that was being produced manually.
  • A data visualisation reporting application developed for the management team.
  • A digital audit trail logging application with digital signatures was developed.
  • Custom applications were built using the latest technologies to scale nationally.
  • The solution was deployed in science labs in different geographical locations and time zones.

The service was built to deliver:

  • The reduce the human error in human management of a manual workflow.
  • To automatically generate all workflow documentation from the science teams web platform.
  • To integrate with existing CRMs and other applications.