Business Achievers Data Platform

Control and Harness your Data Securely using our Intelligent Tools.


  1. Manage your data

    Sync, store, interact securely across devices.

  2. Collaborate

    Share, tag, discuss and query data and findings.

  3. Data discovery

    Auto-look for patterns and detect more discoveries.

  4. Governance and security

    Highest levels of encryption and authentication combined with granular level permissions and tracking.


End to end encrypted data management and machine learning platform that revolutionizes how enterprises manage, prepare and harness data from any source and in any format.

Data Ingestion

Securely sync, store, organise and publish your data on any device. Rinodrive puts you in control of your data and keeps it safe.

File Tagging

Advanced search and query system allowing for editable user defined metadata fields and profiles. Tag and search your files seamlessly.


Work on private projects or collaborate securely with colleagues and team members.

Get instant notifications from your team members on new shares, comments and more.

Organisation by Group

Segmenting your Rinolab account into groups allows each unit, department, or region manage their own usage under a single private account.

Own Your Data

Rinolab protects your data whilst giving you full control over who sees it. It is a secure and private data management solution.

Collect your data in any format, from any device and store it in one safe place.

Data Discovery

Curation that enables search, create, edit, share and collaborate to build insights. Drag and drop data sets from any source in any format for fast and efficient aggregation and indexing.

Data Reveal

Discover patterns and trends with fast filter and drill down with self service and aggregate visualisation tools for dashboards.

Compliance and Audit Trail

IT stays in control. Data locality, retention and access can be controled and logged for audit. An activity stream is also available for all team projects that can be viewed by administrators.


Governance and compliance for personal data integrity and transparency on how data is used, shared, changed, stored.

Secure Environment

Our solution is built around combined assurance layers and applied best practices.

Enabling any TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password algorithm) compatible app such as Google Authenticator will allow an extra layer of security for the user.

Choose your Role in your Organisation

  • For IT

    Solve data demands securely, cost effectively and in a compliant way.

    Meet ever-expanding demand for more data management, delivered faster, across the organisation – driven by the explosive growth in data generation and the expanding use of analytics to drive discoveries and decision making.

    Continues to lead the data management process with users getting more power to find and prepare their own data sets through a secure, well governed data repository.

    Support without burdening IT resources, reducing risk and lowering cost.

    De-risk the Introduction of modern data management architecture and empower IT to begin using data management and AI technologies without the requirement for specialised skills.

    Extend the value of existing BI and analytics platforms, including accumulated ETL, using on open source technology that is compatible with all major Hadoop distributions.

    Ensure data governance and quality.

    All data in the is secure and well governed – from ingestion to analysis to visualisation.

    Establish data access rules and governance policies which are seamlessly and automatically applied to data throughout the data workflow.

  • For Data Managers

    Access your own data faster.

    Immediate, self-service access to the data needed, when its needed with powerful search and discovery.

    Do more with your data. Explore and Work the Data for richer Analysis.

    Share, collaborate on, and re-use data and make it available machine learning and BI extraction.

    Gain insights and better understand data.

    Users can collaborate, share and curate data by adding business information that improves understanding and search.

  • For Security & Compliance

    Centralise control with a platform approach.

    With real time data stamping and versioning.

    Maintain Governance, Controls, and Regulatory Compliance.

    Know exactly what information resides within the data repository
    Set security levels of control more specifically and accurately and have the information needed to make compliance decisions faster and with greater confidence.

    Immediately satisfy users’ data needs with self-service access.

    Eliminate users circumventing official processes and using non compliant procederes and tools by maintaining governance and security at the point of use, so every user and every process is recorded and tracked.

  • For Big Data

    Deliver more data value and complete projects faster.

    Best practice functionality that addresses the most challenging aspects of data projects by delivering best in class tools to manage every aspect of the data workflow.

    A Complete Enterprise Solution.

    A full suite of enterprise data management capabilities in a complete, pre-integrated platform that can be deployed quickly and without complex integration.

    Stay Current with The Best Emerging Technologies
    No new technology or programming skills necessary.

    A turnkey, pre-integrated platform that includes built-in functionality supporting all phases of an enterprise data management project. Stay up-to-date as new technology is continuously adopted and incorporated into the platform.

  • Previously I needed to manually search folders for my data, because I couldn't search by metadata; it wasn't available. Rinodrive lets me search all my crystallography data with instant results.
    Bianka Seres
    Biology PhD student, University of Cambridge
  • The Rinodrive LabVIEW integrations made it easier for us to point the data from a complicated lab control system to one place. It saves us lots of time each day.
    Dr. Gediminas Juska
    Photonics researcher, Tyndall Institute
  • The easy setup and the data flow from one program to the next is great. Instead of searching and manually importing into MATLAB, my data just appears where I want it to.
    Rob Shalloo
    Physics PhD student, University of Oxford.