Story so far

Rinodrive is part of  Rinocloud Ltd, a company registered in the Republic of Ireland with offices in Cork, Ireland and Cambridge, UK. We are supported by international investors including Enterprise Ireland, Europe’s largest venture capital investment fund.

2015 – All about Data

In 2015 our team was working on an Eu funded big data and AI scientific research project. It was generating vast amounts of sensitive data and content in different formats and from multiple sources and locations.


2016 – Minimum viable product

We could not find a product that had the levels of security and functionality we needed to manage the commercially sensitive project and its outputs, so we built our own.


2016 – Startup of the week

Silicon Republic
Our efforts started to be picked up by the press. “Our start-up of the week is Rinocloud, a Cambridge start-up behind a technology that  makes it easy for teams to work on data.”


2016 – From product to solution

We met investors who shared our vision. These investors, like our users, spanned the globe because the problem of data management resonated wherever data was being generated.

2017 – Investment secured

As well as a scalable platform, great software and features and military grade security we’ve also made privacy and governance core. Today we’re focused on delivering big data type functionality, AI functionality and world class infrastructure to ALL organisations big and small.



Global footprint

“Rinocloud, whose systems allow scientists and researchers to structure their data, signed a memo promising co-operation on artificial intelligence with Shenzhen Intebridge Technology.”


A great team developing

“Tech entreprenuer teams up with academics at Cambridge University [to create the business] which has developed a data hub… The start-up was only established earlier this year but has already secured €1.2m in seed funding”


A special thank you

To everyone who’s helped us to date – Rinodrive is the result. A secure data hub where data and content can be stored and shared securely with privacy, security, governance and compliance at its core.


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