Intelligent dedicated safe data infrastructure

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Rinodrive gives organisations full control over their data/content, where it’s held, who accesses it and who shares it. We’re helping businesses become GDPR compliant.

Private infrastructure

Have confidence no-one else can access your data on your own private data infrastructure, NOT shared.

GDPR compliance

Become GDPR compliant with auditability, data tagging, retention and trails.

Search quicker

Don’t spend hours searching for data files, searching becomes quicker and smarter each time.

Complete control

Have complete control over your data, where it’s held, who accesses it and who shares it.

Quick deployment

Don’t spend hours implementing a complicated solution, Rinodrive is quick to install and seamless to integrate.

Team collaboration

Don’t waste hours sending attachments on emails, Rinodrive makes it easy for team members to collaborate on projects.

Encrypted storage

Rest easy with our military grade encrypted, secure storage.

Easy to use

You won’t need to spend hours training staff, Rinodrive is easy to use.

Tag, search, find

Keep complete control of your data with our easy tagging system which allows data to be tagged, retained, deleted easily.

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